Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week #40 Nina @ BossyOz

The beaches in Sri Lanka doesn't seem to mix too well with internet connection and sending over log-in details, so apologies for the delay in posting this introduction post..  Seriously, Chris, you can't go on holiday like that; no jealously at all, nope, none....

Here goes:

I am quilter #40 and my name is Nina. Normally you can find me as BossyOz on most media.

I have called England (United Kingdom) home for over ten years. Before moving to London, I spent most of my time in Sweden, where I was born and went to university. I have also worked shorter periods (less than one year in each) in Hong Kong, Poland, Latvia, the United States (Texas) and Brazil.

Sewing, quilting and all other types of crafting are for my own sanity. It helps me wind down, it provides distraction from a demanding job and, this is actually important to me, it feels less wasteful to create things than "just watch TV". Some of the things I make, are for my family and to make our lives better. I can only say a HUGE THANK YOU to my Mamma, who taught me to sew as a young child.

I love to test new things. I am a "trial and error" person. If I see something I like online or in a shop, I usually have a go at creating it. For quilting, I am not very good at following patterns as I enjoy making it up as I go along. Also, I can never muster enough energy to make the same block over and over again...

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Post by Nina @ BossyOz - week #40
Nina is a working mum running her own project management and strategy consultancy, whilst "stealing time" to design, create and sew useful items for the home, the three kids (not so often for the husband) and to give away as gifts. Originally she started out designing and making clothes for herself, but after the kids arrived she has entered the fascinating world of quilting. She is mostly active on Instagram @bossyoz

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