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Call for Quilters - Looking for Weekly Takeovers

Are you a creative quilter who is (or aspires to be) active on social media?  This is a fab chance to share your life, showcase some skills and gain some new followers.

For 2018 - 52 Quilters is doing something a bit different. Each month will be curated by a monthly host, who will takeover the account and introduce you to a theme which will be explored by a group of quilters who take over that month.

I am looking for 11 other quilters to join me in hosting a month themes especially for you!

It takes all sorts to make a patchwork: we are looking for traditional and modern quilters, beginners and experts, ladies and gents, young and old, social media superstars and first-time tweeters… and you don't have to exclusively make quilts (you can make and share other stuff too). We are also looking for quilt designers, fabric designers, and others who want to host a month of 52Q.

If you only want to join a week of 52Q, then please wait as we'll be recruiting weekly participants in January. This recruitment is only for people who want to propose a monthly theme. 

If you think you would like to get involved please fill in this form by 11:59 pm GMT on December 30.

Please note: I do not make any money from 52Q and I organise it as a volunteer, so please be patient if you email or DM with questions - I'll do my best to get back to everyone.