Friday, November 2, 2018

Welcome to the World of Art Quilters for the Month of November!

Hello Again!

I am so excited to be back on 52 Quilters, and this time serving as the host for the whole month of November!  Our focus for this month is Art Quilters.

I am so excited for you to meet all the participants, see their work and contributions to the Quilting World, and explore different techniques, mediums and processes that we use to create our quilts.

But first, my name is Linda Bratten.  I was honored to share my work on the 52 Quilters platform last year.  I started out as a traditional quilter shortly after the birth of my first son, just 30 years ago.  If you want to learn more about my quilting experience and background you can read about it on the blog post here.

While I dabbled in mixed media early in my quilting career, it wasn't until recently that I have embraced the term Art Quilter.  Without any formal art training, I developed my techniques, processes, lessons and patterns by trial and error.  I believe that this has helped me to share my knowledge with other quilters who don't believe that they are artistic. (In other words, I have made the mistakes first and can help them avoid going there.)

My real love is teaching and sharing my art quilts and mixed media processes with others.  So in 2008 I started my business, Linda Bratten Creations.  I have developed patterns, workbooks and classes to assist others in finding their creative voice.  You can see some of my work  and available patterns on my website:

I am an online instructor with Craftsy where I share my love of nature inspired free-motion quilting techniques all done on a domestic sewing machine. Use my affiliate link to check out my class on Craftsy or Bluprint.

I also write a free newsletter called Linda B Creative.  Be sure to sign up to be inspired by using this link.

Then join my Facebook Group, Linda B Creative.  Do a search for Linda B Creative, and ask to join!  Then check out some of my Facebook live lessons and posts to get creative!

I will  be your host for the next few days, and then you will get to meet other great Art Quilters!

Sew Excited and Honored to be with you this month, Linda Bratten

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