Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 48 - Lilabelle Lane

Hi its Sharon here from Lilabelle Lane.  
I hope that you have enjoyed your little peak into my world this week whilst I took over 52 Quilters IG feed.  It didn't quite work out as I had planned thanks to my Miss 6 having a couple of days of school sick but alas that is how things work around here. 

A quick recap of some of the things I shared this week.

My Smitten blocks thus far made with predimiatelyTasha Noel fabrics from Riley Blake. 

I made some progress on the quilt I am making for Sue Daley.
It will be a new release pattern in the future :)

Tula Pink shared my La Passacaglia Quilt on social media so that was a 
huge fan girl moment for me.

I also made a few more blocks for my Blush Quilt and fell in love with the Bloc_loc ruler and 
rotating mat combination. Life changing!

Thank you Chris for having me for the week.
If you would like to continue to follow along with my progress on some of the projects that I shared this week be sure to follow me over at @lilabellelane on IG.
I also occasionally blog over at "Lilabelle Lane Creations"

I am looking forward to seeing Monica's posts this week .... pssst, she is also an Aussie :)

Until next time,
hugs Sharon xx

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week #47

I am not a blogger. I like to think one day I will be... Perhaps when I "grow up." Ha. I've started a couple... But after a few posts they are forgotten about. I should be able to tackle this though... One post should be fine ;)

My name is Chantel, I am 29 years old, married to my best friend, mother of an adorable but rambunctious 3 year old boy and currently taking up residence in Japan.

I started quilting while in high school. My Mom wouldn't teach me to sew on her machine til I had a proper project I was passionate about. I loved stars back then, so I started collecting any bit of fabric that stars on it, and when I had enough to start, she showed me the ropes. My mom wasn't a quilter, but she was fantastic with garments... Always making our Halloween costumes and dresses throughout the year. I never did learn how to sew clothes from her though. I made quite a few quilts in high school, but once I moved out, I rarely found the time unfortunately.

About a year ago I finished my first quilt since high school, and soon after discovered the Instagram world of quilting. It has been such an eye opener! And so very inspiring. I've been hooked ever since. I think I first cracked the surface when I was looking through hexies and epp hashtags. Soon after I found the ever so lovely La Passacaglia projects and the finishing up of the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap. Swaps were a thing?! I was fascinated. I then created a separate account just for quilting, and @SewRadandRosie was born. Since then I've learned some new techniques like English paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, the wonders of glue basting, and how to properly quilt and bind a quilt! in fact I think I'm coming up on my Instagram anniversary... And thinking back, I've really learned a lot thanks to the IG community.

My "Sew Rad and Rosie" IG handle is mostly an ode to my mother, and my labeling as a "modern" quilter. My mother had a rose tattooed on her ankle, her only tattoo for years until getting a clover on the other ankle, and she always always always had roses in her garden. They were her thing, and they always remind me of her. She passed 5 years ago... And this Nov. 24th she would have been 55. My creative spirit is very much all from her, and I quilt and sew to feel her presence. :)

I had planned on sharing some photos of some recent WIPs, and some finishes, but adding them in here isn't convenient at the moment. Not as easy as I had hoped, so I do apologize for that. For any interested, feel free to peruse through my Instagram feed to see what I'm working on and what I'm up to.

I had planned on a more eventful week while I was hosting. A trip to Nippori was planned, Tokyo's textile neighborhood. But instead this surgery of mine popped up sooner than expected. It was supposed to be scheduled in January sometime, but an opening popped up sooner, so I took it. 29, and finally got my wisdom teeth pulled. Oy vay... It's been a doozy so far with recovery. Ready for it to be over with, and really just hoping I can have some turkey this coming week.

So this was really an authentic week in the life of this quilter. Thanks to those who followed me this week, and to the new followers of my feed as well.

This was intended as an introduction, but has turned into a sign off. Sorry bout that!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week #46 working with scraps

My system for sorting my scraps is very basic. I have a basket with bags for each major colour and when I have scraps, I add them to the basket. About one a quarter I take my basket to my morning quilt group and sort any loose scraps into their correct bag.
I chose not to cut the scraps into specific sizes like Lori Holt advocates and I do the cutting when I want to make something. We did a scrap swap at the Simply Solids retreat and I came home with more than I took, so I think a bigger basket will soon be needed. what do I consider a scrap? A part strip from a project, odd charm squares, fabrics I no longer love but would use in a scrappy quilt.

Also at the Simply Solids retreat, my friend Carol won a copy of Lori's Cozy Cottage 2016 calendar. As Carol already had a copy she was happy to swap with me for my prize of fabric. As part of a blog hop, Lori showcased this mini quilt which uses the cosy cottage pattern from the calendar. I dived into my scrap bags and pulled and cut fabric like a mad woman. The window of the house is some Blueberry Park hand printed fabric which was someone's scrap. I had been looking for just the right project to use it in. The girl with her hula hoop was fussy cut from an older Aneela Hoey print. I'm also pleased with how it turned out.

For the quilt backing I used a fat quarter that isn't my cup of tea but it came in a bundle and the off cuts have gone into the scrap basket. The binding also came from my scrap basket and was pieced and ready to go. So remainders of binding also go in my scrap basket.

This doughnut pincushion was a kit from Sew and Quilt from our retreat good bags, but paper piecing is always a good use for scraps.

And I love the perfect buttons from a friend's mother's button box which I was given last year. Scraps of wadding were used to stuff the pin cushion and that was another scrappy project from last week.
Thank you for joining me this week.
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Week #46 quilting for others

I have owned a long arm for about four years but still consider myself a beginner. I love the look of edge to edge pantographs and so do my local clients. I need to push myself to do more free motion work and was inspired by a class with Handiquilter Ambassadeur Angela Walters. Since the class I haven't done much practice but I have a quilt that is nearing completion that I will practise on.

I was given this quilt at my Wednesday quilt group and as is often the case, given free rein with the quilting pattern. I have trusting clients. I picked out the Elegant Swirls panto as it incorporated stars and swirls which were in several of the fabrics. I used a goldish coloured thread to blend but I also like the look of a bold multi-coloured thread.
Another thing that I do for most customers is trim their quilt before returning it. I have been advised by a professional that it's not the done thing, but I like how the quilts look in photos and when customers get their quilt back they can immediately sew on the binding. If they've been clever, they've even prepared the binding whilst I've had their quilt.
Do you send your quilt out to a longarmer? Or do you prefer to finish the whole quilt yourself?
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week #46 Quilting groups

Are you lucky enough to belong to a local quilt group? I belong to two very different quilt groups and previously belonged to a third, Caesarea Quilters. Unfortunately I can't now go to the third group due to another commitment.

I started quilting when I was on long term sick leave and the local quilting shop, Treadles had just expanded. I bought a book, tools and fabric for a log cabin quilt, which is still in use today. I was given a ten minute demo about rotary cutting and sent on my way. A few months later I enquired about local groups in the shop and was put in contact with Chez Soi Quilters, who have been going for about 25 years. They meet on a Wednesday morning at a scout hut. We have recently moved to a different scout hut and are enjoying the space and light. The venue is across the road from the beach and has a lovely view of this quirky building.

And the beach beyond Barge Aground. We do take our lovely beaches for granted as no one is more then four miles from a beach in any direction on this small island. St Ouen's is known for it's surfing. Others are golden sandy beaches for families and others are pebbly or off the northern coastal path and a long walk down.
Once a month Chez Soi have an all day sewing session when we bring our sewing machines, otherwise we mostly bring hand work. I was lucky that when I was looking to join a group that my Mum offered to have Matthew to play once a week and it was a Wednesday when Chez Soi meet. Both Matthew & Lizzie have always been made welcome by the group and they used to like going once in a while as there was always good cake.

Caesarea Quilters was formed in 1998 by the Quilters Guild's Channel Island representative, Gladys Dunell to bring together the many smaller groups that met on the Island. I'm always asked how old the group is as my daughter, Lizzie was just over a week old and I took her to the inaugural meeting to support Gladys. The group was an instant hit and after only one month we had to move to a bigger hall. 17 years on and the new Chairman, Kathy Journeaux is bringing the group into the 21st century with a Facebook group and a full colour newsletter that's e-mailed to most members. The group meets on the third Monday evening of every month, which clashes with another commitment for me, so regrettably I've not renewed my membership. However I am still participating in the group's Bee which is a new initiative started by my friend, Jane.

And the new quilt group on the block is JMQG, which Jane, Kim and I launched last month. I missed this month's meeting but it sounds like it went well. we meet once a month on a Saturday and have been lucky enough to secure St Saviour's Parish Hall which is just down the road for me. It's centrally located, bright and lots of parking. It obviously wasn't designed 100 years ago for modern life as plug sockets are few and far between. We meet for an all day sewing session on a Saturday with one make and take on offer, homemade cake and lots of time to sew and chat.
Do you have a local group that you can share ideas and learn new techniques with? If not, I recommend searching one out or starting one yourself.
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Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #46 Just Sew Sue

Good morning my name is Sue (Just Sew Sue) and I live on the beautiful Island of Jersey off the coast of France. The state of New Jersey was named after our island when it was colonised by Sir George de Carteret who came from Jersey. George de Carteret's descendants still live here.

Although the Island only has about 100,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 45 square miles, there is a thriving crafty population. We have one large evening Guild which was set up 17 years ago called Caesarea Quilters, of which I'm a past President and a branch of the Modern Quilt Guild was set up last month and is doing well.

I have to admit to loving a good sew along. I start with good intentions however I often fall behind. The Farm Girl Vinatge sewalong is a good example, the blocks were all done to schedule but then they now need sewing together.

Another sewalong - also by Lori Holt was more successful as it was finished on time. I love its scrappiness and the variety of low volume backgrounds which was new for me. I will share with you tomorrow my "system" for storing scraps.

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