Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #41 Elizabeth @ andpins

Good morning (afternoon, or evening depending on where you live)! My name is Elizabeth and I am thrilled to be quilter #41. I am currently living in the Southern Baltimore suburbs after spending 14 years in Philadelphia. After moving a bunch as a kid, I think that I will always consider Philadelphia home.

I quilt because it is my sanity, my creative outlet, and something that I greatly enjoy (though there are days that it is a borderline need). It is a wonderful contrast from the high paced, spreadsheet filled world that I call my full time job as an administrator in higher education. That and I really love pretty fabric; I do not think my husband would appreciate me collecting it without actually using some of it.

The original Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander. It is still my favorite fabric line.
I decided that I was going to learn to quilt when my sister told me that she was pregnant with my first niece or nephew in 2011, or that’s what I thought anyway, but I quickly realized that her tastes and my tastes are about 180 degrees opposite of one another so I shelved the idea of a quilt. I drug out my trusty Bernina 801 (thanks Mom!) that had been sitting in a closet for years only being used for a quick hem of a curtain and I made some grab & beach balls and a bird mobile for the shower. Nephew #1 was born in February 2012 and I’ve been quilting since August of 2012 when my mom walked me through my first quilting project, a quilt for my nephew’s first Christmas. I did not do much until January 2013 when I solo pieced my first top and finally finished it in July, at that point I had officially been bit by the quilting bug, HARD, and I have not looked back!

For those of you who have a single, favorite quilt, how do you choose? I simply cannot pick a favorite. Today a few of my favorites are:

Wonky Runner
Color Study: Aqua
The Beast!
If you asked me next month, I am sure that I would pick another set. You can take a look at all of my finished quilts, minis, scarves, toys, bags, etc. here on my site.

After this week you can find me on:
Instagram: @andpins (where I am most active)
Blog: (not as active, but I keep telling myself to do better)
Facebook: andpins (where the blog posts hit for easy access)

I’ll be back later this week to talk about the importance of guilds and swaps to my quilting and how they shaped who I am today.

Post by Elizabeth - Week #41: 

Elizabeth lives in the southern Baltimore suburbs with a 34 year old Bernina 801 that her mom picked up from the factory in Switzerland and a 1964 Singer Featherweight. Bitten by the quilting bug in 2012, she considers herself a modern (traditionalist) quilter who loves bold colors and fun fabrics. You can find her on Instagram and her blog Andpins.

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  1. I will see a pattern and just have to make it, are you better , dear?