Friday, October 9, 2015

Week #41 Guilds, bees, and swaps

Hello, it's Elizabeth and I am wrapping up my week on 52 Quilters tomorrow. How many of you are in quilt guilds, participate in bees, or in swaps? 

Two years ago I attended my first Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild meeting and I am so glad that I did. I found my group, my support, and my teachers. The Philly MQG shaped who I am as a quilter. I was (and still am) constantly inspired by the diversity and creativity that is shown at the monthly meetings. In Maryland, I have found similar support with the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild and the Southern Comforters of Bowie. All three guilds encourage me to reach out of my comfort zone and to keep making on a regular basis. I love being inspired at the meetings, learning at retreats, and making life-long friends who don't roll their eyes when I talk about quilting and fabric.

I joined my first bee, the Modern Insta Bee, in 2014 as a way to meet other quilters and to have a reason to sew every month. What I did not know at the time is how much it would push me and that it would make me a better quilter. I put colors together that I would have never have dreamed of putting together, paid attention to my scant quarter inch seams, became best friends with my seam ripper, and made blocks that I would have been afraid to make if I wasn't obligated to make them.  I am now participating and leading two swarms for The Bee Hive quilt bee and participating in the Philly MQG bee.

I was hesitant to put yellow, orange, purple, and gray together with black and white fabrics, but it is now one of my favorite blocks that I completed for the Modern Insta Bee.

String Circles - the block that I dreaded making, but it is the block that taught me the most.

I have participated in a few swaps over the last year, both online and in person, and I really enjoy the process of making for others. It is another way that I stretch my comfort zone and play with fabrics and colors that I may not have considered before. My favorite mini was for my secret sewist at Mid-Atlantic MOD though:

I designed the pattern myself since my partner was a huge Alice and Wonderland fan.

You can see most of my bee blocks (I am still catching up on posting some of this years) and minis on my blog if you are interested in seeing the range of them.

How about you, what do you get out of guilds, bees, swaps, and/or the online quilting community? 

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Post by Elizabeth - Week #41: 

Elizabeth lives in the southern Baltimore suburbs with a 34 year old Bernina 801 that her mom picked up from the factory in Switzerland and a 1964 Singer Featherweight. Bitten by the quilting bug in 2012, she considers herself a modern (traditionalist) quilter who loves bold colors and fun fabrics. You can find her on Instagram and her blog Andpins.


  1. I get a lot of inspiration from the online quilting community and some helpful tutorials. I'm in a Modern Block Party type group made up of locals - we meet once a month - but I'm really only challenged by a few of the people in it. I really like being pushed to be creative and making improvisational blocks. I really like your yellow, orange, purple and gray block!

    1. The online quilting community is amazing as well. I am very lucky that I stumbled upon it on Instagram.