Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week #44: What I'm Working On

A part of me wishes I was the kind of quilter who smashes through a quilt in a week before moving on to the next - one at a time. But I'm not! I've always got a few on the go at the same time, some for a lot longer than others (and not because they need to take that long, ahem...), but here's what's been on my sewing desk this week.

Michael Miller Challenge

I signed up for this earlier this year, never honestly expecting to get any of the fabric being sent out by the Modern Quilt Guild, but I did! There's something about receiving fabric you probably would never have chosen on your own, and being challenged to make something interesting and unique with it, that inspires you to step outside of your comfort zone. And this quilt is certainly very different from what I normally create! For starters, it's all applique, other than piecing the background, and my style is very much about straight, geometric lines and piecing. It's quite "arty" too, which is also a step away from the straight, geometric designs that fill my Pinterest boards! So it's a bit scary to be putting out there, but either way, I'm excited to finish it and hang it up in my house, even if it doesn't get hung at QuiltCon.

The Bee Hive

My year-long series of quilt block tutorials is almost at an end! I'm making November's block, as well as designing a bonus block for November to bring the total up to 25 for the year, and thus making a nice, square sampler quilt at the end. The bonus block is from the pull on the left, which gives you a nice little hint as to what it's theme is...

Make Modern quilt

I write a Maths & Methods column each issue for Make Modern, and for January's issue, I'm also designing a project to go with that issue's column. It involves a lot of strips and triangles, and that's as much as you'll get out of me until January!

Christmas Cards

I know what you're thinking... Christmas cards on the sewing desk? Yep! I'm experimenting with ways to use up some scraps like these, and I'll be sharing the good ones results of this experimenting next month on my blog as a part of several Christmas posts that'll be happening in November too!

What have you been making?

Post by Alyce - Week #44: 

Alyce started quilting in 2011 when her husband bought her a $100 Elna and said to stop reading about quilting and start doing. So she did. And she hasn't stopped since! Alyce moved from Australia to Japan in 2012 and ever since quilting and blogging at Blossom Heart Quilts has given her something to focus on while adapting to living in a new environment and culture. You can find Alyce on instagram at @blossomheartquilts

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