Sunday, September 27, 2015

Social Quilting, Guilds and Being Brave

When I first started quilting, I learnt everything that I know from the wonderful online community.

I was reluctant to join a quilt guild. In my head they were scary places filled with intimidating people who would pick holes in my work and see that I wasn't a proper grown-up quilter. These scary quilters would see that I was self taught and would scorn my sloppy methods.

As time wore on, I spoke to a few online friend about it and many of them encouraged me to reach out and join the local Modern Quilt Guild. It was tempting... but I was still shy...

Then, about a year ago, I met an amazing local quilter through a friend of a friend, she had just been to her first Modern Quilt Guild practical day and reassured me that none of the members had fangs. It still took her a while to persuade me to go along but now I am not only a member of the local Modern Quilt Guild, but I am also a member of a weekly stitch group.

Wow what an amazing group of ladies they are. The ages span from about 30 to 60 and the experience levels and specialisms vary greatly, but every time that I meet these wonderful women I come away inspired, enthusiastic and richer in knowledge. If I am stuck, I know I can turn to them for ideas and if I need a second opinion, I know I can trust them to give me one.

There is no denying the fact that the online quilting community is amazing, but I just wanted to point out that the real life quilting community can be just as good, if not better. Why limit yourself to just the one, if you have been tempted to join a guild or find like-minded local quilters then why not give it a try!

While I am not naive enough to believe that ALL quilting groups are as supportive as the one that I have joined, I bet many are and you won't know until you try! 
Don't hide behind your computer. 
Be Brave!
Go find some real live quilters, they are a pretty awesome bunch don't you know!?!

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