Friday, June 2, 2017

Week 23 (Mindy Reeves): Thursday!

Good morning, June!! Just wanted to share a beautiful good morning and share how happy my roses and irises are! I am NOT a gardener, I actually say I have a brown thumb instead of green because I can't keep things alive! Lol But somehow these beauties keep coming back and are always full of very happy blooms! Oh, and a little hello from Mr. Snail too!
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This is what registration points look like after they're torn out! Just in case you were wondering! Lol
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Thursdays are my favorite weekday! I work from home and decided a while back that I needed to get out and be around people. So I work half days on Thursdays and go sew with a guild satellite group. This Moda Cake Mix is what I've been working on at sew days! You use the "mix" and sew on the lines then cut it apart to get a TON of half square triangles! Lol this is the layout I've decided to go with. Maybe next week will be the sewing together of the blocks!
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This is where I spend almost every Thursday! Our Sewing Room in Springfield is a membership-based sewing facility. They have cutting tables and ironing boards all set up and plenty of space for us to sew!
The first picture is our little corner. The Judy Niemeyer Paradise in Blooms is my mom's and the two quilts on the wall are both mine. 😄

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This is the group of friends that I am blessed to sew with every week! There are a couple missing but this is the majority of our group, The Strippers! 😂 love this group of ladies and gentleman!
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