Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week 23 (Mindy Reeves): Saturday!

My dad's family has owned a tire shop and rubber company for several decades, so I love to shop local when I can. And of course that means supporting my local quilt shops!! These are my favorites in town, Jean Marie's Fabrics for fun "modern" fabrics, and Something to Crow About for great "traditional" fabrics (and some awesome U of Oregon DUCK fabric!). Thank you to Winona, Shawna, Kenette, and everyone else that supports these shops!! (Sorry the pics are dark! The sun's not fully up at 530 a.m.! Lol)


I was born and raised a proud DUCK (U of Oregon)! My favorite ducks are male mallards with their beautiful GREEN heads! These guys were in the middle of the road and I just thought they were too cute not to share! Go Ducks!!
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These are a few of my other favorite quilt shops. They're all about an hour or hour and half away so I don't get to support them as often as I'd like but we do go whenever possible! I don't have pictures so these are their websites! Jannilou Creations in Philomath, OR is great for my Judy Niemeyer patterns and offers classes on Judy quilts (and others! Lol). Finally Together Quilt in Lebanon, OR is my favorite place to get my favorite Moda Grunge fabrics! Quiltwork Patches in Corvallis, OR has tons of fun fabrics of all types (and is where I found my Moda Hazelwood fabric in my Vintage Rose quilt!). Country Lady in Roseburg, OR is what I like to refer to as the place to go for batiks! Their selection is the best! If you're ever in these areas, please check out these local quilt shops!

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 If you've been wondering if I ever do anything besides quilt, the answer is yes! Lol Here are a few of my parents' toys (yes, a few... this is not all of them lol. This maybe isn't even half of them!). We like to go riding at the Oregon Coast and over to the mountains in Eastern Oregon or it's always fun to just ride around my parents' 20 acres too!
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 I've decided my next quilt will be the queen size Fire Island Hosta! This one is a kit my dad bought for my mom from Quilting by the Bay (they're in Florida but have a great website!). I am impressed with how well-organized this kit is! Every piece of fabric is very clearly labeled! I spent about an hour and half cutting papers and another 3 hours cutting fabrics for the first book of the pattern (there are 2 books!) but decided to take a break from cutting! Now to start sewing!

This is where I cut wrong and found VERY similar fabric in my mom's stash! I got super lucky!


 Made some decent progress on my first unit! 24 of the 40 sections done! Woohoo!
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