Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts! - Quilt Canada Wrap Up!

Spending my week at Quilt Canada has been  pretty much my idea of perfection.
 I've been lucky enough to have a booth right in the heart of the action.
The patrons have been doing some serious shopping, leaving my shelves bare.
That's a problem every vendor wants to have.
With little time during the day to look around; I have been taking my time after the show has closed to walk amongst the quilts, admiring (and sometimes drooling over) the incredible workmanship and artistry of the more than 400 quilts on display.
While I'd love to show you every quilt in detail, I'd need more than a week as host at 52Quilters to do so.
I can, however, show you some of the ribbon winners and some of my personal favourites.
So grab a cup of tea and settle in for a picture-heavy post.
Fire Island Host
(1st Wall & Bed Quilts)
This one is better appreciated in person.

(3rd Wall & Bed Quilts)I love the use of colour!

(3rd Art-Abstract)We don't see enough quilts with yellow backgrounds

Walking with Mom
(1st Art - People/Critters)
I thought this was a photograph it had such detail!

Loving Murano-Italy
(2nd Art/Naturescapes)
Look at the reflection in the water!

Receiving Grace(1st Art/Naturescapes)

Navigators Star
Holy moly!  Those are quarter inch pieces!

Can this one live in my home, please?

Very Canadian!

My absolute favourite!
This one may not have the quilting detail or intricate piecing of some of the other quilts,
but for some reason, it draws me every time I walk past.  I have fallen hard for this quilt!

This is a ribbon winner in the Youth Challenge Elementary division.  The child that made this is in elementary school!  Pretty amazing!

Viewers Choice winner in the Youth Challenge Elementary division.
Wow!  Elementary aged child!
If this is the future generation of quilters, we have some amazing work to look forward to!
I am stunned at the creativity and workmanship that these young people have.
I've heard it said, if you get your child hooked on quilting,
they won't have money or time for nefarious activities.
This is just a very small sampling of the quilts on display, for a few more,
head over to the 52Quilters Instagram feed.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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