Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tamara Harrison from Tamara Harrison Design

Hello!! I'm Tamara and I'm a bit excited to be here. I am from Perth, Western Australia and I have made pretty things for work and relaxation my whole life.

Map image from

The pretty Perth City skyline. Image from Wikipedia

Our city sits on the Swan River and we are famous for our black Swans. We are very isolated from the rest of the country and have been referred to as an 'overgrown country town'!! The city does have a couple of extra buildings in it now, but on the whole - thats it!

I live here, along the coast, north of the Swan River at a place called Alkimos. Other than the lack of fabric shops its the perfect place to live (thank goodness for internet shopping!)

Over this week I'll show you my studio, projects, tell you a bit more about myself and what I do and hopefully not bore you to death!! The most exciting bit I want to share with you are my French flower making techniques of turning quilting fabric into stunning blooms. 

Here's a sneak peek.

Soooo looking forward to spending time with you, please ask lots of questions!
Tamara xx


  1. Those flowers are completely beautiful! I'd love to make a bouquet of my own so thank you in advance for sharing! That's lovely if you!

  2. I'm looking forward to your week!

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm pretty sure I won't match your stellar efforts, but hey, we'll see XXX

  3. Looking forward to seeing how you make those beautiful flowers.