Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 2 Truth in Posting

So day 2 at the helm of 52 quilters is all about my creative space. But with truth in posting.

These are pics I have just snapped - yep - just then 3.21pm Perth time!. Including the one of myself (note I didn't apply lippy and my skin is shiny (!!!!!). 

I was thinking about the image or look we/I portray via social media - and although I'm not trying to do anything other than be myself, I thought it was about time I just showed me, my space and a moment in time right now (rather than what I sometimes do, by preening and tidying and worrying first).

Have to say it was - of course - liberating!!!
So you will now see that I am a hoarder curator of many items.....................

FQ's and a few fabrics kept in their ranges

My very precious wooden ladder, brooch bouquets and handmade flowers (using the french flower technique of construction)

Me at 3.20pm this afternoon! 
My daughter likes to leave little surprises on my shelves for me!  What better than Equestria Girls? And my handmade Liberty string?

 The beginning of my "Am I really going to destah you"? pile.

Little handmade gifted hearts made from Amy Sinibaldi's Paperie range - stunning right?

I have this thing with making my own lame light fittings. Here I've used a 'handmade chicken wire' technique used in floral designing.

Old fashioned paper patterns, notebooks and stationary - if they ever become currency I will be a gazillionaire


More of the same - I make paper flowers out of the pattern paper too

Shells, sea urchins, Liberty scraps and selvedges - that just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

Scrap cupboard

Buttons, branches and bling

 Vintage Flower Power 'Loopy' topped jars

I not long ago re-arranged my stash in colour groups - which I must say was hard for me to do. I;ve always had them in designer and range before. So now I'm going to go back through them and re-sort light to dark within each group.

General studio goodness - see my lovely curation skills????

I take brooch storage very seriously.

So that's me for today, I do hope you found this little peek into my studio fun!! Remeber you can find me on Twitter as @tamaraharrisondesigns, Instagram as @tamaraharrisondesigns and Facebook as Tamara Harrison Desgns !!