Sunday, July 17, 2016

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish! (actually fun - but that wasn't a Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy quote!)

So my last day is here already. And I really just want to thank you all for all of the fun, interactions and chats. It's been so great to meet you all!!

So my last share is a very special collaborative quilt I worked on, in fact the best project I've ever worked on.
I have popped this on Insta - but here's a bit more to the story.
Our good friend Ange (@alittlepatchwork) had some medical challenges coming up for her family.
We all felt we wanted to send her a big hug, but given I live on one side of Down Under, Ange on the other, and Denise, Jonna  (@bespokeoutlaw) and Lisa (@lisaannslife) in the US we just couldn't quite scrape enough money together for a private #tinyfloralsanonymous jet to take us.
So Denise (@iquiltsewwhat) suggested we make her a quilt. Each of us made 3 blocks and Denise pieced and quilted the whole thing!
Isn't it amazing!!

Denise from @iquiltsewwhat made these stunners!

Lisa from @lisaannslife made these pretty hexi flowers

Jonna @bespokeoutlaw used all the math to make these pretty blocks (sorry I only have a pic of 2 of her blocks)
And mine @tamaraharrisondesign,  You've got mail blocks

In case you can't tell, we all love PINK and Ange especially so. It was a wonderful project to be part of, with such wonderful women whom I have only met online. They have become a fabulous support network and 'braintrust' that I am honoured to call my friends.
To find us or share in your work we use a few quirky hashtags #tinyfloralsanonymous, #whymakeonewhenyoucanmakeahundred, #tinyeverythinganonymous, ##aintnothingcoolerthanpatchwork, #saturdaynightcraftalong

So to end with my second favourite (and quirky) quote of all time "So long and thanks for all the fish!"

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