Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mr and Mrs Trivet

As many of you that are on Instagram saw last night I was struggling to decide which fabrics to use to make my embroidered faces into trivets.  

I loved the Cotton and Steel face dot print and found these adorable faces to embroider. 
 I think they match pretty well!

I determined I wanted to use black and white along with the face dots for the trivets.  
The pattern for the trivet is from the book Patchwork Please
 I don't even know how many of these I've made and I love every one!

These were the fabrics I pulled for the first trivet:

On Instagram last night, everyone chose the bottom one.  It was my first choice too.

TaDa!!  The top of the trivet is all finished!  
I need to quilt it and then bind it.  
I don't like the binding part much on these. 
 Joining the ends it tough! 
If it is not too late at night I will try to take some photos as I do this, but we will see.  
Sometimes trying to take pics is difficult and hindered by the fact that I only have 2 hands...go figure!

I am extremely happy with how she turned out!  
I have a backing to make tonight for the birdie quilt. I will show that one tomorrow.  
I don't have great photos of the top, so maybe, if it doesn't rain I will try to get some. 
 I need to piece the back tonight before I can begin on the second trivet.

What are you working on??


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