Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 13: Free quilt patterns from Gotham Quilts

I meant to post this earlier during the week but prepping for the quilt show took up all my time!

Part of what we do at Gotham Quilts is design original quilt patterns. My business partner Andrea is an amazing quilt designer who's been creating quilts for over a decade, and she is the creative genius behind Gotham Quilts. Here are some free quilt patterns we have available that you can download from our website!

First up is our most popular design, free Yuma quilt pattern:

We ran a quilt along for this quilt pattern last year so there are dozens of version of the Yuma quilt you can see online. Check out the #yumaquilt hashtag on Instagram to see lots of customer versions of this quilt!

If you're looking for a quick and easy baby gift, our free Charming quilt pattern is a perfect option:

The great thing about this simple quilt is that it allows you to showcase those large-scale fabrics we all love to buy but don't always know how to use. I've made at least 7 of these quilts so far and I keep making more to see how it works with different fabrics... and it always looks amazing!

We've been asked several times for a simple quilt pattern that is built around a panel, because there are some many great panel options out now. Andrea designed this simple quilt to work with any panel, and we have it mocked up in two wildly different fabrics to show you how versatile it is. First up is the black-and-white Halloween version using the Chillingsworth panel:

And here it is using one The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric panel:


You can download the free panel quilt pattern here.

Next up we have a little mini quilt that I designed, the free XOXO Mini Quilt pattern:

This one I designed myself, making a modern and minimal version of a Valentine's Day mini quilt. Mine is hanging on my mini wall right now as I type this! I keep thinking I should make another one in all solids...

I hope you like these free patterns, and please check out our website at to see the new ones we're adding as they come out!

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