Friday, April 29, 2016

Cutting Into That OOP/HTF Fabric...You Can Do It!

Well, maybe we can do it!  
My friend, Robin certainly took that plunge when she made the quilts 
I am going to show you for her granddaughter. 
 She determined to make a woven quilt. 
 When she saw my prairie points she decided that she wanted to use those too.  
Take a closer look at those.  
They match up with the squares that are cut in half on the edge!

She then made two doll sized quilts that she quilted herself.  
One is using the exact fabrics used in this bigger quilt.  I took LOTS of close ups of this one.

This one is the companion to the other one but no less adorable.  
I love that she used the Lizzy House butterflies for the binding on this.  It made adorable binding!

Notice the heart quilted into that teal star in the sashing??

She sent me a photo of her cutting table in the aftermath of making these quilts. 
 I LOL when I saw this.  
Isn't this how your cutting table looks all the time?  No?  
Maybe it's just me!

Enjoy your weekend!  I will have been sewing all day with Robin and Judith today at Robin's house.  We try once a year or so to make a collaborative quilt.  This one will be the construction quilt.  

I am so enjoying writing this blog!  I hope you are enjoying it here too and will follow me over on my personal blog which you can find here.



  1. Those quilts are amazing! Love the fussy cutting... I bet her granddaughter will spend hours looking at all these lovely animals and children

    1. I'll pass thus along. It's like the BEST I-Spy quilt ever!