Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Little Birdie Told Me

I have been working on a baby quilt for a friend's daughter.  
Growing up this young woman was friends with my middle daughter 
and is now expecting her first baby in June.  
The nursery colors are lavender and pale yellow.  
I had the Feathers pattern and knew that is what I wanted to make.  
I did not know the birds are gigantic, LOL.  

They sure are cute!

I decided that I wanted to sash them using stars so I did the math and got those done.  
Then I wanted to put prairie points around the border and then another white border.  
I used 5" squares for the prairie points.
I didn't have enough of the white that I used around the birds and the other borders though 
(it had birds on it) so I found a cute sort of pebble looking one that I decided could be bird seed!  Perfect.  

My friend Robin, and I were struggling to get it open when our friend, Judith took this gem, LOL.
You will hear more about Robin very soon.
She made an amazing quilt for her grand daughter.
Then she made 2 doll quilts to match.
You will NOT believe the fabrics she cut up!
They could NOT be any cuter, so stay tuned!!

This is how the top came out. 
 I could not love it more!  
It is kind of difficult to see but the yellow prairie point in the middle of each section fits exactly into the open space in each yellow star.  

I decided that I wanted to use a star with a mixed purple background to make the label.  
I also wanted to have it quilted right in, so pieced into the back.
Anyone else dislike making pieced backs?
I love the look, but it took almost as much time as the front!
 I will have to put in the date once the baby is born though.

Just in case you are wondering.  This label is written.  I usually embroider them but had the opportunity to get it in the quilting que so written it is.
I type it out on the computer, and use a light box to transfer the words to my label.
I use a Frixion pen if I am going to embroider.
In this case I used a permanent pen to do the writing and heat set it.
Transferring this way ensures that I don't misspell or make a mistake.
Bonus is that the writing is neat!  Plus you can choose the font.

I wanted to use the purple circles for the entire back but did not have enough, hence the pieced back.
I used left over squares, cut for the prairie points for the strip of squares.
Then used up all the yellow vine I had to make the top and bottom.  
I proudly got out the top and guess what?  
It was not wide enough,  SOB!!!

So I had enough of all the fabrics to add a 4" strip on each side.  
Darn it, more quilt math, and late at night.  
I needed to have it done to turn over to my quilter tonight. 
 Nothing is ever easy is it?

Here is the back. 
 Both long enough and wide enough now.  
I think the quilt should finish around 64" square, I didn't actually even measure it even now.

Well, these are the things we quilters do, right?  Make mistakes and fix them the best we can.  

I'm in love with my little flock of birdies though.  

What do you think?



  1. Wonderful post - so informative. I'm worried about how you will add the date to the label after it is will you prevent the ink from bleeding thru to the front? I guess the batting will prevent that but I'm still worried. Such a pretty quilt!!!!!

    1. Hi Judy, No worries, I don't press very hard and there would be several layers to go through. I write on quilts using this pen all the time (on the back) and it never shows on the front.

    2. Whew, no worries now. I will have to try that method, your labels always look so wonderful.

  2. Such a cute baby quilt. Love the prairie points.

  3. Gorgeous quilt. I am sure it will be treasured.