Friday, January 15, 2016

Quick / Appropriate Blog:

No bulk time to sew or quilt today, I have to rush off to 'work', that job that gives me money.  But I want to share with you the Best advice for sewing I ever read. In the book '10 20 30 minutes to Sew' Nancy Zimmerman talks about using small segments of time to sew. You do not need hours and hours to get a project finished, but just keep working on it if you only have 10 minutes.  Not a direct quote but somewhere in that book that is what I gathered.  Thanks Nancy!

Post by Debra: Debra lives in Central Florida. She has two kiddos: her oldest son is 24 and will be getting married next year and her daughter is 17, a beautiful Senior in High School. She is on a mission to ONLY design and piece quilts of her own imagination! Visit her at Made of Honor Quilts 

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