Thursday, January 14, 2016

Long Arm Quilting

I have had my sweet Lucey Lou for 11months now.  She is almost 1! I really never thought I would have the gumption (or funds) to purchase one. But here she sits in my living room.

I initially thought it would be a quick transition from freemotion quilting to using Lucy, but here really was so So SO much to learn. So many tips and tidbits that are different from a domestic machine. This first year was just an introduction to learning the simple, hopefully this year will be filled with so much more fun1

Typically I like to load the backing, batting and quilt top the night before so I can get up and begin quilting. This morning I had to finish the backing, so I am loading the quilt today. I’ll post pictures of my progress on Instagram. Hope you follow me ….. and if your are an experienced longarm quilter, please feel free to comment with tips and tricks!

Post by Debra: Debra lives in Central Florida. She has two kiddos: her oldest son is 24 and will be getting married next year and her daughter is 17, a beautiful Senior in High School. She is on a mission to ONLY design and piece quilts of her own imagination! Visit her at Made of Honor Quilts 

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