Saturday, January 16, 2016

My time here is nearly finished. I am excited I was able to blog and post so much this week. AND I finished Lifeguardstation15. 

As always I learned so many things in this particular quilt making journey. It is the first time I tried a new binding method (found on The Modern Quilt Studio's youtube page). I used this method when I first became a quilter 23 years ago, but this video has so many hints and tips it is a must watch.

This is the second quilt I have quilted with this 'style' of quilting  lines that I am developing. I am not sure if there is someone else out there using this straight line/all over/improve quilting technique (if there is let me know!).  My first experiment made it into Quiltcon 2016. I have to come up with a distinct name for this: linear improv possibly. But if you have seen it somewhere else please contact me at madeofhonorquilts and let me know! (madeofhonorquilts is my blog, instagram, Facebook and gmail address) . 

Best wishes to all the 52Quilters of 2016. I loved your feedback this week and am sure they will too!

Post by Debra: Debra lives in Central Florida. She has two kiddos: her oldest son is 24 and will be getting married next year and her daughter is 17, a beautiful Senior in High School. She is on a mission to ONLY design and piece quilts of her own imagination! Visit her at Made of Honor Quilts 

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