Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 40: Craft Diva Bizzy Lady - Instagram Themed Swaps

HI! on this day 3 of my 52Quilters take over. I participate in my share of IG themed swaps. I enjoy the challenge of having to create something for someone else with limited knowledge of what they like, outside of your normal aesthetic, and within a certain time frame. IG themed swaps (if you have never participated in one) require you to sign up, at which time the swap organizer will assign you a partner and provide you with their information (likes, dislikes, allergies, preferences, etc.). Based upon that information, you will create a mini quilt or other handmade item for them. Not only are you assigned a partner but someone else will receive you as a partner and will create something for you. I am a gambler and if you choose to participate in a swap its a gamble on the receiving end because you never know what you are going to get or might not get if the person you are assigned to for some reason or another is unable to get you your swap item.

Here are  a few swaps I have participated in and items I have created for my assigned partners -

Theme - Muppets

Theme - Golden Ages (I recreated the movie poster from the movie Rebecca staring Laurence Olivier)

Theme - Rainbow Mini Quilt (my swap partner loves cats)

Theme - Music Lyric

Theme - Happy Birthday Walt Disney

All swap partners are secret until revealed. One swap I happen to receive as my partner, my bestie Craft Diva Diva Dane. What fun it was to discuss the swap and my progress with her and she not know I was talking about what she would be receiving in the swap. Knowing her as well as I do, I was able to really make something I knew she would love, no gamble at all. Here are the items I made for her in the Rupaul Drag Race themed Swap.

I am really enjoying sharing the week with 52Quilters followers.

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Happy Quilting!

Lynette aka Bizzy Lady

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