Friday, September 30, 2016

Week 40: Craft Diva Bizzy Lady - Active in the Quilting Community

Hello! We are on day 5 of my 52Quilters takeover. I love being active in the quilting community. I belong to 2 guilds, The Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild (DAMQG) and the Great Lakes African American Quilters' Network (GLAAQN).

I am a member of the American Quilters Society (AQS) and the national Modern Quilt Guild (MQG). I am currently the secretary of the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild for 2016.

I have had the pleasure of co-chairing a quilt show where over 200 quilts were displayed. I have planned a weekend quilting retreat which entailed finding a location, securing instructors, and planning activities.

I enjoy attending quilting conferences such as AQS Quiltweek and Quiltcon. I have been attending AQS Quiltweek which is usually in August for many years. I attended Quiltcon in Austin, TX and I am looking forward to attending Quiltcon 2017 in Savannah, GA in February.

It is always a pleasure mix and mingle with quilty friends both old and new. Being active in the quilting community has also allowed me to broaden my quilting relationships nationally and internationally. This week being part of 52Quilters is another means of me being active and reaching out to others who enjoy quilting like I do.

Happy Quilting!

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