Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 23 : Quilts In The Wild

I live in country Victoria, Australia about an hour and half out of Melbourne and it is a gorgeous part of the world. We have a natural spring in our 2 acre ‘back yard’ that fills our pond and our ducks and all manner of wild life (frogs, birds, yabbies and snakes ugh!) just love it.

After a hard day of work, sitting by the pond with a glass of something just listening to nature is pretty special. And of course it is a great place to take quilt photos!

We take so many photos of our house and pond that we create a calendar for our families each year!
Our home is the original farm house from 1910 (thankfully updated with some modern heating, airconditioning and insulation!) and has gorgeous pressed metal 12” ceilings and open fireplaces.
I love taking quilt photos on the front porch

Hanging over one of our many trees

Or in the old implement shed next door

I think this year our families might be getting a quilt calendar instead :D (thanks for that idea @countrymum3 !)

Where do you take photos of your quilts?


  1. Such a lovely place! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Shannon! We are very lucky to have such a gorgeous place to live :)

  2. Dare I ask what yabbies are? Lol