Tuesday, June 28, 2016

 My name is Carol and I am a quilter.

Sounds like part of a 12 step addiction self help program doesn’t it – well yes, I am addicted to quilting but no I don’t want help. I am perfectly happy hoarding and petting my all consuming fabric stash.  Just because I have fabric stored in every linen closet, two armoires and bins – oh the bins! You know the ones - those plastic bins that somehow multiply like rabbits. How did I ever get so many? And how did they somehow get filled with fabric? I know I have the perfect shade of yellow somewhere but I can’t seem to find it! But it was on sale! I really must get some of the piles of UFO’s I already have going berore I start this new one but ………  Does this sound familiar? Well, you are a quilter too after all.

A little more about myself – I live in Vermont (for those of you not in the US, Vermont is a small mostly rural state in the Northeast),  am 59 years young and newly and very happily single. I am very content with my two wonderful dogs as my companions. I talk to them all the time and they usually agree with whatever I say, as long as there is a treat or a walk involved.

 Our favorite thing to do is go for hikes in the woods which we do daily. I find it soothes my soul and relaxes me. I work full time but somehow manage to get in at least a little bit of quilting every day, even if it’s 10 minutes. To me creating is another form of stress release or meditation for the soul.

I’ve been quilting for 35 years, so have been around the quilting block a few times. Yes, I started back in the olden days of no templates or rotary cutters and calico fabrics – We’ve come a long way baby!
 I made traditional quilts for many years but it’s not in my nature to be precise and accurate so I never was very good at the piecing but I loved doing it and kept going. I would just do patterns that it didn’t matter all that much and didn’t lose any sleep if my points weren’t perfect. I just went the other way if I spotted the quilting perfect point police.

Then one day I saw McKenna Ryan’s designs and fell in love! The woods, the deer, the moose, the frees – all of it touched my Adirondack woods heart and once I tried one of her patterns, I was hooked!

After doing just about every pattern she put out for a number of years, I got up the courage to design my own. Started very simple and then went from there. Now 90% of my quilting is pictorial art quilts from my own design starting from a photo and then taking it into fabric.Here are a few.

I have a blog with links to my craftsy shop where I sell patterns that I have designed for download and to my etsy shop for both patterns and finished art quilts. go to www.quiltedfabricart.com and say hello! I love to talk quilting and am on Instagram as quilted fabric art - go here to follow me
and on twitter I'm quiltscapes - go here to follow me on twitter. I would love to see what you are working on.

This past week end I attended a large quilt show here in Burlington Vermont and so this week I will be sharing photos of some of my favorite quilts from the show on Instagram. 

this one is made by a fellow Vermonter - Judy Dales is quite an artist. I love the flowing lines and peaceful serene colors she uses.

thank you for stopping by!

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