Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 21 - Linda Pearl Introduction

Hello, world of 52 Quilters!  I am Linda Pearl of Nashua NH, and I can't believe my week is already here! I have been following this project all year, and I love the common threads (groan, yes, I said that!) that we all work with. 

I'm a fledgling pattern designer, a blogger and an event coordinator for creative artists. I also have a portion of my business as a marketing consultant.  I didn't grow up knowing anyone in my family who quilted, but I have always found that the feel of the fabric, and the colors are my creative outlet.

I love fabrics of almost all kinds, and there isn't a batik around that I don't love. I get to be an Island Batik Ambassador, which allows me to play with some amazing creative challenges. My non-batik style tends to be in more of a contemporary style. Or modern-ish if you like.

When I'm not taking over 52 quilters, I can be found at

Instagram: patchworkpearl
Twitter: @ThePtchwrkPearl
Facebook: The Patchwork Pearl is the business page
Website:  www.onequiltingcircle.com


  1. Thank you for your blog, I'm really glad that blogs like this still alive.
    Wish y all the best.

    Toby, ideals

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