Saturday, May 14, 2016

How do bloggers do it???

If you are a blogger, I am in awe. I tried once to blog.  I even did it for a few months. I then decided to start blogging again, not.  I have a way with words, I have a platform, I just don't have the discipline, time, or energy.  Maybe one day.  Thanks for reading these posts, I assure you it took much effort and time.
For that reason, I applaud, I cheer, I scream, "way to go" to all bloggers.  Meanwhile I think I'll stick to my Instagram platform.  Something about a photo and quick blurb works better with my lifestyle.  I guess if I didn't love swimming so much I might have more time.  So please find me there (link below) and follow along.  If you communicate with me there, I will respond.  I promise.  I like interacting with my social media friends. 
Here's my lovely view from yesterday's sunrise swim.....
This week I received a card and gift from a fellow Instagram friend.  I was so surprised.  I stalked her Pinterest site and found she loves the Pickledish pattern as much as I.  I had already purchased this pattern from Red Pepper Quilts.  There is a tutorial on how to piece and plan the block after purchase.  You can find it here:

I pieced one block to create a pillow cover.   Then I use hand quilting with Perle Cotton to create a bit of whimsy and detail..  I love a good French knot.
Don't you just love details?

Here she is all finished and ready for me to center into a pillow cover.  It will be sent of to it's new home by next week for sure.

Well, I'm off to sew, bake cookies, and interact on IG.
Hope to see you there!
Yours in quilts, Nicole aka Saphre1964
Post by Nicole, Week #19:
Nicole lives in Sarasota County, Florida. She is a mom, sister, nana disabled RN (that's a long story), artist, free spirit and avid open water swimmer. She began sewing at eight, but didn't begin quilting until three years ago. Find her on her blog or on instagram.

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