Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 7 - Silvia Sutters - Who is A Stranger View?

Hello everyone!
My name is Silvia Sutters from A Stranger View and I will be taking over this little corner of the cyber world for the week, so let's do this.

I'll give you the condensed version on my quilting and sewing journey, because I am originally from Brazil, and Brazilians like to talk. A lot. I grew up seeing my grandmother sew beautiful wedding garments whenever I visited her and I think that instilled in me a subconscious desire to become a fashion designer, but it took me a while to find myself. I went to school for something totally unrelated and then after some major life change, I decided to go back for another degree in Fashion Design. I met my lovely husband and followed him to the US where I continued my studies with a certificate in Patternmaking technology from FIT. I worked and interned in some fashion houses in NYC, but life kept moving us west and that's how I ended up in the midwest, currently Illinois. Our family grew from two to four and one day I decided that I needed to get back at sewing, but drafting patterns got to be very difficult with a one year old around and another one on the way. At the same time I went to spend thanksgiving at some friends' house, who happen to be quilt collectors. I loved hearing the stories of the Civil war and log cabins map guides, so I went home, searched for some online classes and started quilting.

I loved the fact that I could do some work here and there around other activities. I found my STLMQG guild, and that's how my new obsession got started about two years ago.
So, this is me, in a nutshell. What I do is a hard question to answer because I keep evolving and every time I look back on my work, I already feel that I am a mile away from that stage, but mostly I am constantly inspired by art, architecture, and graphic design to name a few.

I also just started writing patterns for my designs. The Rowing Paddle quilt (blue, white, red below) is a free block download on Craftsy or on my blog, the Mod Ice Cream block will be available for purchase at Craftsy and Etsy soon and the Cobogó quilt you can find the pattern on the QuiltCon magazine that will hit the stands on March 1st or you can pre-order at

I love a challenge, so Y-seams, curves, complicated piecing, it's all up my alley. I also love the quilting community. I am constantly challenged by others' creativity and inspired by all the amazing artists I encounter on Instagram.

Back to the beginning of my statement, I believe that I found what I was looking for once I started quilting. Quilting was the perfect creative outlet that channeled all my previous experiences into one art form that has countless opportunities to extend my learning.
Well, I warned you about those Brazilians (although I am actually American now, but the blood still runs in my veins), they like to talk.

I'll be leaving for QuiltCon soon, so make sure to pop up on 52 Quilters and mine IG (@astrangerview) to get a taste of the Conference and show, and if you are there too, feel free to stop me to say hi. 

You can find me for more chatting at:

Instagram: @astrangerview
Twitter: @silviasutters

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