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week 5 - emily - these are a few of my favorite things

raindrops on roses
and whiskers on kittens...
these are a few of my favorite things.
i had mega ambitions to blog about a few different things, but i blinked and it was wednesday.  then i blinked again, and sunday was here!  i was hoping to dig up old photos of things my parents had sewn, as well as other things my grandmas had crafted... that never happened.  so perhaps that will pop up to be on my own personal blog one of these days!  in the meantime, i wanted to post once more, and since i'll be away from my machine most (if not all) of the day, i figured i'd share some of my favorite projects and people :)
i shared this one on instagram already, but wanted to include it over here as well!
catvent quilt along 2013
i followed along with elizabeth hartman's catvent quilt along on and loved it!  i used batik fabrics my grandma gave me to create each of the cats and putting them on the solid gray really helped them pop.  the purple cats are my favorite for sure!
i didn't realize i had made it in 2013 (that seems so long ago!)
pair of logs queen size quilt
this quilt was a major feat, since it took a lot of piecing together as well as a new quilting adventure.  i decided on using this pair of logs pattern for my friend's wedding gift, and my cousin lisa was home to take a trek out to joann's to find the perfect fabric.  i got all the blocks pieced together, and the back was too small!  i added those additional pieces in to the back and it made it perfect sized.  my grandma ususally did any quilting i needed done, but she had broken her hip at the time and so i took on the challenge of quilting a queen sized quilt.  i followed the shapes for stitching and followed the zig zag of ditches to get it all done.  i'm quite pleased with the result!  still one of my favorites :)
beauty & the beast pillow covers
these pillow covers were my first fandom in stitches project that i had gotten to do after months and months of oogling at all the potential ideas.  i created these for a disney swap on craftster that i jumped in as a swap angel for and had a blast!  one of my favorite fandom quilts is yet to come, so check out a few more projects first :)
daffodils and kitty cats baby quilt
this quilt is another variation using the catvent blocks to make a baby quilt for another kitty loving friend of mine!  the daffodils were paper pieced, since that was the baby's birth month flower.  this quilt was the first time i used my walking foot, and since then i've gotten more used to it and don't know how i ever quilted without it! and speaking of cat quilts...
pudge catvent quilt
i made one all for myself!  this 100 cat quilt was the project for 2014's catvent, and i collected the white on white and black on black fabric for quite some time before beginning this adventure.  some of the fabrics even glow in the dark.  this quilt resides on my bed with my camera quilt as well.
oh, and here's the beast that all the kitties were modeled after :)
he's totally thrilled. can't you tell?
lion king baby quilt
THIS has been my master creation thus far.  well, at least in the world of paper piecing goes.  this quilt was made for my lion king loving friend (who also got the log cabin quilt above!)  we threw her a surprise baby shower this past summer, and i finished this just days before the party.  this quilt was not only a first experience with all this extreme paper piecing, but also using spray basting.  since then, i have 100% loved using spray basting.  my safety pins currently have been neglected.
science themed ribbon star quilt
i'll end these quilts on a high note, with my most recent MEGA project.
i made this quilt for my sister as a christmas gift this past december.  all the blocks are science themed, as she is currently a science/physics major out in idaho.  this was SUPPOSED to be a twin sized quilt, but it is clearly not.  haha.  this quilt is queen sized at the least, and could have been even longer if i had left that row of blocks that is on the back on the front.  holy moly it was quite a project - it took me the almost 12 hour drive from here to idaho to do all the hand stitching of the binding, but now it is complete.  it went over quite well, and though it was meant to be a twin sized quilt for just her, it can now be used when she moves in to a married apartment in the spring and has to start sharing everything with her husband ;)
this part of the post is my shout out to my fellow crafty peeps.
lisa (far right) & i used to have aspirations for a mall kiosk to sell our crafty things, and while we've tried an etsy store and craft fairs and haven't quite made it big.  we discovered an awesome quilt store in colorado when i visited there a few years back and it set the bar pretty high as far as quilt stores go.  (if you're in denver, check out holly's quilt cabin!)  we still have our crafty chats almost daily, and regularly send each other updates on projects.  i know there have been numerous times where i've sent her fabric pulls while in joann's to get her thoughts on them before committing to the cut counter!
lorelai is a budding quilter in her own right, and just celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday!  she's a goofy gal who totally inherited the creative gene for sure.  for the 100th day of school one year, she decided to make a quilt!  she's been working hard on a bronco's quilt, and i can't wait to see the finished project.
and then there's my sister aileen (second from left).  we're still trying to figure out where her craftiness is at.  she's allegedly glittering some mason jars for her wedding coming up in april, so we'll see if she has a secret talent we all don't know about!
thank you all for hanging out with me last week and chatting with me on instagram about my various projects and even plotting together to create a fabric store work out routine.
y'all have been amazing, and i would love to keep in touch!  you can follow me on blogger at toothpaste & orange cat or on instagram at wereradletshug
Post by Emily Week #5: Emily is a 20 something quiltographer from northern california. working both as a teacher and professional photographer, she has come to love quilting as a detox from the daily chaos. other than being crafty, emily enjoys mexican food, cats, pretty much all things disney, lazy sundays, and more cats. come hang out with her on instagram.

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