Sunday, July 12, 2015

Walking Tour with Tula Pink

So, where to start. I took one class and two lectures by Tula Pink this past week and they were all wonderful. I don't want to gush but I think she's pretty awesome.

Today, it's still Sunday for 20 more minutes in my time zone, I took Tula's walking tour at the Five Pine Lodge. Tula brought in 30-35 quilts for the show and on the walking tour today, these were hung on clothesline on the Five Pine Lodge property. Starting at the lodge's event center you walked through a grassy area, around the cabins, over a foot bridge and down along the stream back to the start.
I arrived about 40 minutes early and the volunteers were done hanging the show so I was told I could walk through before the tour. It was a good opportunity because I was able to look at each quilt, take pictures of the quilt as a whole and then close ups of Angela Walters' quilting. Angela Walters exclusively quilts Tula's quilts.
It was a great opportunity to hear Tula talk about each quilt, some which I hadn't seen before and some that were even better up close because of the details. The backs of the quilts are also fun to look at. Some of them Tula only had so much fabric left and was trying her darnedest to get a quilt back out of what was left and others are custom digital printed backs that are specific to a fabric line.

I also have a photo album of the quilts to share with you. Each quilt has an overview shot and then close up of the quilting except for the last three. I wasn't able to get close enough to them.

I've had so much fun sharing my week with you and it's been quite the whirlwind of excitement and things going on.

Thank you for coming along with me.


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