Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2015

Hello there!

I have returned from the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and I had an excellent time. This was my third time attending the show so I've been once in my teens, once in my 20s and once in my 30s. I do hop e to go again next year.

For those who followed me on Instagram you'll know a little more what I did but I wanted to give everyone else a brief overview.

Monday - my friend and I went to Sisters for the day and took Tula Pink's Coastal Cruiser Pillow Class. This was a great way to start the week with quick and easy project.

Tuesday & Wednesday - back at home. I had to do those fun things like grocery shop so my husband would survive the 4 days I was gone.

Thursday - arrived in Bend in the afternoon where I stayed for two nights. I had a quick dinner with my sister, who lives in Bend, at Worthy Brewing. They had fabulous food and I loved my fish tacos. Couldn't tell you anything about the beer since I don't drink it. :)
Finish the evening with Tula Pink's lecture. This was so much more than just a lecture by Tula. Before the lecture started each of the teachers were introduced and shared a quilt with the group and there were some beautiful quilts. Since it was the 40th Anniversary of the quilt show, each one shared what they were doing 40 years ago.
After the lecture, audience members were invited to come up for show and tell. There were a lot of great quilts shown and a couple of kid done projects.

Friday - morning lecture with Tula Pink. Tula reviewed the life cycle of a fabric collection from designer's mind to it ending up in store. It was a fascinating look into the industry.
My mother arrived in town and treated my sister, brother-in-law and I to a sushi dinner at Five Fusion in Bend. Parking was a nightmare in downtown Bend because Summer Fest happens the same weekend as the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and they close off streets for pedestrian traffic.

Saturday - up and at 'em early to breakfast and drive to Sisters for the main event, THE quilt show!
I was so relieved the weather was cooler and didn't rain on us while we walked the quilt show. It still always manages to be warm enough that you don't need a jacket but a hat was a welcome thing. I didn't have one on and got sun burnt. ;(

There were so many things going on it's hard to tell you about all of them. The few things that stood out were Freddie Moran's exhibit area. She makes the most beautiful quilts. Freddie was wandering around the area her quilts were hung but I didn't get a picture. Quiltcon had a traveling exhibit of quilts so it was fun to see quilts in person that I had only seen on Instagram and online (Conan O'Brien's hair). The most exciting thing for me was seeing my quilt hanging on the side of a building. I wish I would have gotten a close up of the quilting for everyone to see. I own the quilt and have seen it so many times that I didn't think of it. That was the main reason I put the quilt into the show, my mom's quilting. I love it.
This event is such a great coming together of not only quilters but the town itself, business owners and volunteers. Each time I've been I've felt the electricity and excitement of all the people at the show. You also couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to visit. The town of Sisters is in such a beautiful setting; mountains, rivers, high desert.

I've rambled quite a bit. Here is the link to the photos I took of the show. It is a photo album, I couldn't figure out how to make a slideshow.
I am standing in front of my quilt which is gray background with blue stars.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2015


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