Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Do You Quilt?

    I hinted to why I quilt in my first post, but truly my story is a very simple one. I lived with beautiful quilts in our home all my life. I don't remember many in my other families homes, except that one I still love and want so badly to either own or duplicate. Problem is my cousin doesn't know where it is. My Aunt baby sat me as a child, and used her daughters baby quilt as my nap quilt. It was a form of Sunbonnet Sue, done as colonial girls. These girls had lovely parasols in their hands, and beautiful lace adorned skirts and hats. I can still remember that one was dressed in a light purple and one was in yellow. I believe that quilt and the one I showed you yesterday are why I love quilts so much and why I want to make them.
   I have other reasons why I quilt. Quilting seemed like a natural progression of my sewing experience. I wanted to learn a new skill, and oh my there are so many things in making quilts that I had no idea how to do. I like to challenge myself to become proficient in one specific aspect of quilting each year. Last year I decided it was time I got past my fear of applique. Which I did, even though it still isn't my favorite thing to do, I feel like I am fairly good at it now. I have had a love hate relationship with paper piecing, so this year that is what I have challenged myself to learn. I have done it for years, but always felt incompetent.I would cut the fabric to the size I thought would fit the spot, and then when I tried to sew it in place it would come up short on either one side or two sides. I signed up for a Craftsy class, but just haven't had time to watch it yet. I will make time to do that soon. Next year I will be getting better at Free Motion Quilting. I have done it for years, and I do a pretty good job, but seem to end up doing a stipple most often. It is my go to and I want to expand my horizons.
   What other reasons are there, seems like I have covered most of the bases, but wait, it feeds my creative nature. As I may have said before I come from a family of very creative people, and because of that I have learned to draw, paint, sew, crochet, knit, scrapbook, and card making. I have used aspects of many of the other crafty things I do in my quilting, and all of them are outlets for creativity. However, I find quilting really makes me feel content, and some of the other crafts only gave me more stress.
  So have you thought of your reasons, for quilting? Please take a few minutes today and think about your reasons for quilting. Until next time yall have a very quilty day,

Post by Tennye GiOtis - Week #18:  

I started quilting in the early 1980's when I had a friend having a new baby; I couldn't afford to buy her a gift that was of the quality I wanted to get her so I bought a pattern and that started my journey into quilting. I am the mother of 5 grown children and the grandmother to 5 grandchildren. My husband and I have been married 33 years. Find me as @Tennye on Instagram.

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