Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So, the past several weeks have been pretty hectic!!  For someone that normally doesn’t travel much, I made a trip to the AQS Paducah Show, where I was honored to have a quilt juried into the show.  I also just made my first trip to Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis.

Paducah was such an awesome experience!!  The quilt show itself was amazing and just filled with such talent and then to step into the Quilt Museum…..there just aren’t words to describe some of those quilts!!  Not only that, but the the whole town gets involved!!  My quilt did not win any ribbons, but I am fine with that!!  Just the idea that it was on display in Paducah was enough for me!! 


The highlight of Paducah was having Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts) ask to see my quilt and had me take her over to where my quilt was displayed.  She was so sweet!! 

Our trip into Hancock’s of Paducah was a little overwhelming for me.  I am not a “fabric buyer” just to buy fabric.  I really can’t envision what I might use the fabric for unless I am picking out fabric for a specific pattern.  Am I the only person that does this?  So being in a huge warehouse full of fabric with no patterns that I had in mind was almost too much to take in.  I have never seen that much fabric in one place at one time!!  However, I do have to say when I got to Sample Spree at Spring Quilt Market, I found  myself “just buying fabric”.  I think the excitement and temptation was just too great!!  I guess there is hope for me yet!!! 

My trip to Spring Quilt Market was a whirlwind three days, but they were amazing!!  I won’t bore you with all the details, but have posted some pictures of some of the sights I saw and of the people I met.

Elizabeth Hartman
Me at the 1Canoe2 Booth - Love their designs & fabrics!!

Me, Tula Pink & friend, Linda - So excited to meet Tula in person!!!

Got to meet ModaRosie - Carrie Nelson in person!!

Question for all of you……….Do you have a quilt show/event “bucket list”?  I sure do…….and now I can cross off Paducah and Spring Quilt Market.  I would also like to go to Houston Quilt Market and Quilt Festival, the Sisters Quilt Show, and MQX.  Hopefully, one day I will get there!!!

I am off to my local Quilt Guild tonight, and taking a class there tomorrow, so I will try to post some pictures during the class to Instagram and Twitter!!

Happy Quilting!!

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