Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #9: Quilter #9: Laura Stepien

Hi everyone!  My name is Laura Stepien, and I live in icey cold Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with my wonderful husband, adorable dog, and handsome cat.  I am really excited to be participating in the 52Q project, and can’t wait to share a little glimpse of me, my creations, and my life with you. 

This is me in Disneyland!
My dog Bronson
My cat Annyong
While I do love sewing and quilting, I also enjoy knitting and crocheting, baking and decorating cakes, cooking and reading.  And as much as I wish these hobbies paid the bills, alas, I have a day job.  I work as a Registered Animal Health Technologist in a veterinary hospital, which means that in addition to nursing animals, I am responsible for administering and monitoring anesthesia, assisting in surgery, performing dentistry, collecting samples and running lab work, inventory management, and so much more.  It is a busy and demanding career, but it is rewarding.  Plus, puppies and kittens! 

Stray kitten at the hospital
Stray duckling at the hospital

Stray kitten at the hospital
An xray of a dog's broken leg
I have always figured that I would like sewing, since I typically enjoy most DIY projects.  I received a sewing machine as a wedding shower gift 3 years ago, and I was right!  I love to sew!  I only decided to try quilting on a whim a little over a year ago, and I honestly didn’t think I would be that into it.  I hadn’t really been exposed to the world of modern quilting and modern fabrics prior to then, and the quilts I knew were made from left over curtains and my grandpa’s old pants. They were functional, but not necessarily artistic. 

One of my grandma's quilts
I quickly fell in love with the beautiful array of designer fabrics out there, and developed quite a taste for quilting.  I love it as an outlet for creativity.  I love it because there is always something new I can learn (and I love learning new things).  I love it because you can make such thoughtful, meaningful, and beautiful items.  And I love the wonderful online quilting community that I have discovered through Instagram.  Participating in IG swaps has been a very positive experience for me, and I really appreciate all the positivity, encouragement, and love that flows from the other participants. 

My first quilt-you'll see more of this one later!
I would consider myself an ambitious beginner. I have never had any formal training in any of my favourite pursuits, but I am not afraid to try something new, and to learn something new.  The internet is an amazing resource for anyone willing to find the right tutorial or youtube video and dive right in.  I truly believe that anyone can learn anything!

So my goals for my week with you on the 52Q is to inspire others that haven’t tried quilting to just go for it and try, or to inspire active quilters to try something new and expand their skill set.  I hope you will enjoy following along with me this week, and I hope to get to really interact with lots of you! 

Where you can find me:
Instagram : @_LT_Smash

Post by Laura - Week #9:   Laura is an adventurous crafter who enjoys sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, making cakes and blogging. Quilting is a relatively new string to her bow - but after quilting for little over a year she has completed three quilts and is working on a La Passacaglia quilt as a new project for 2015. Laura blogs and shares her crafty life at


  1. What a beautiful pic of you Laura!! And the background in this pic I believe is a carousel with the most intricate use of color!! Congratulations on your guest blog!

    1. Thank you Laura! It is Kind Triton's carousel at Disneyland. It was an amazing carousel, I rode a whale!