Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 11: Quilter #11 Pippa Parsons 

Ohhh I'm so excited to be taking over the @52quilters blog/IG/Twitter account this week. Chris has kindly edited my photo and this is how you'll know it's me posting.

  • Who I am and what I do 

I'm Pippa Parsons, a 39 (soon to be 40 and over the hill) year old Brit, I was born in Bath, spent my young years in London, Milton Keynes, Brighton and West Sussex.
For those that don't know the UK, I lived  mostly in the middle and down by the south coast, I'm a “Southerner” with a definite London accent.
My Hubby is a true northerner lol who I met online on Millenium eve, he came to visit and never actually went back home. After we got married, we then sold up and hopped over the English Channel and now we live in a very small village, slap bang in the middle of rural France.
We have two children Jacques 10 and Amelia 7 going on 17 !!! and our family is completed with two Labradors and 4 cats.

Still room after 2 labs and 2 kids #lifeofparsons2015

When we came to France I left my career in the UK and became a Housewife and a Stay at home mum although I still do all the admin and paperwork for 2 UK and 1 French company, so not really just a SAHM :)

  • Why I started Quilting 
I started quilting when my son was about 18 months, I thought it would be a great way to converse with French people, improve my French and learn a new hobby.

Day 2 #early project #isewphotochallenge very first project by hand inc quilting still on wall and one of my favorites #dresden #grandmothers garden

This was our first project and still one of my favourites although the colours are typically French I have to say, it was all hand pieced and quilted (never again)
8 years later and I'm generally doing something with fabric, thread or talking/thinking about quilting and sewing.
I love social media and am usually found lurking on twitter and IG. I think social media is fantastic for linking up lots of hobbyists, whether you sew, read, cook etc etc. I have met so many people I class as friends and have been fortunate to meet some of them in real life.

  • Our brief is to tell you what our favourite quilt is 
This one is so tough, I love every one when i'm making it, I love them when they are hanging on my photo wall all finished. I generally give 2 or 3 quilts a year to Siblings Together. (A great charity where kids in care or have been seperated from their families get to spend a holiday with their siblings) I usually end up giving a few away to family and friends.My kids get quite annoyed at all the quilts leaving the house and have to ask me to keep them and not give them away to kids without parents lol.
Here's a selection of my quilts past and present

  •  My Style
My Style is errr mine, I like to follow patterns, I don't like Improv and I chose fabrics because I like them not because they are in vogue. I love anything bright, anything with metallics, sparkle and I like quirky quilts.
Flashing Christmas tree quilts with LED lights as an example,you get to see the video here

Post by Pippa - Week #11:   Pippa is a wife, mum and social media addict. She's a Brit living in rural France who likes to make quilts and bags. You can read her blog at and follow her on instagram @pippaspatch


  1. You write bout yourself so wonderfully! I love when coming accross a 52 chic that is much like me ( or an ideal version)! Except for the living 'overseas'. Keep up the excellence!