Past Quilters

52 Quilters from 2016

Week #52 - Stephanie
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Instagram: @patchanddot
Week #51 - Nikki from Baby Love Quilts
Location: Moosejaw, Saskachewan
Instagram: @babylovequilts
Week #50 - Bec aka Sky Berries
Location: Sydney, Australia
Instagram: @skyberries
Week #49 - Adam
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Instagram: @jadm22 & @coveredwagonquilting

Week #48 - Joanna
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Instagram: @crafty_jojo

Week #47 - Bee Hive Swarm Siobhan
Location: Europe
Instagram: #beehiveswarmsiobhan

Week #46 - Laura Pilland
Location: Missouri
Instagram: @sliceofpilife

Week #45 - Christy Pugh
Location: Connecticut
Instagram: @christypugh

Week #44 - Kim Place
Location: Austin, Texas
Instagram: @kim.dreamstitch

Week #43 - Stacey Lee O'Malley
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Instagram: @slostudio
Week #42 - Stephanie Soebbing
Location: Illnois
Instagram: @quiltaddictsanonymous

Week #41 - Erica Friend
Location: Indiana
Instagram: @ericalynnfriend
Week #40 - Lynette aka. Bizzy Lady
Location: Michigan
Instagram: @craftdivabizzylady

Week #39 - Jane Hauprich
Location: Centerville, Maryland
Instagram: @JaneStitchbyStitch

Week #38 - Lois Sprague
Location: Oceanside, California
Instagram: @loisspraguequilts

Week #37 Polly
Location: Royal City
Instagram: @piecesbypolly

Week #36 - Lorinda Davis
Location: Pacific Northwest
Instagram: @laurelpoppyandpine
Week #35 - Leigh Anne
Location: Prince Edward Island
Instagram: @ellascottage
Week #34 - Dana aka. Diva Dane
Location: Southfield, Michigan
Instagram: @craftdiva_divadane

Week #33 - Nicola aka. Nix.Rix
Location: London, UK
Instagram: @nix.rix

Week #32 - Tara J. Curtis
Location: Kirkland, Washington
Instagram: @t_jaye

Week #31 - Laura McDowell
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Instagram: @sonicstitches
Week #30 - Courtney Andrews
Location: Los Angeles, California
Instagram: @Cmandrews13

Week #29 - Tamara Harrison
Location: Perth, Australia
Instagram: @Tamaraharrisondesigns
Week #28 - Fiona Forsyth
Location: Bendigo, Australia
Instagram: @bendigolioness

Week #27 - Carol McDowell
Location: Burlington, VA
Instagram: @quiltedfabricart
Week #26 - Jess Wheelan
Location: Sydney, Australia
Instagram: @Birdie_beetle

Week #25 - Johanna Weidner
Location: Kitchener, Ontario
Instagram: @JohannaWeidner

Week #24 - Anne Boundy
Location: Victoria, Australia
Instagram: @Anneboundy
Twitter: @said_with_love

Week #23 - Hayley Cason
Location: Michigan, USA
Instagram: @theplumbbobbin

Week #22 - Linda
Location: New Hampshire
Instagram: @patchworkpearl
Twitter: @ThePtchwrkPearl

Week #21 - Becca
Location: Alberta, Canada
Instagram: @cleaverr
Twitter: @cleaverr

Week #20 - Nicole
Location: Florida
Instagram: @Saphre1964
Twitter: @Saphre1964

Week #19 - Jeanne of Grey Cat Quilts
Location: Wisconsin
Instagram: @Grey_Cat_Quilts

Week #18 - Pamela Lincoln
Location: Michigan
Instagram: @mamaspark59
Week #17 - Jessica Skultety
Location: Phillipsburg, NJ
Instagram: @quiltyhabit
Week #16 - Yara from Qvilted
Location: Berlin, Germany
Instagram: @qvilted
Twitter: @qvilted

Week #15 - Kristi from Initial K Studio
Location: Dallas, TX
Instagram: @initialkstudio 
Twitter: @initialkstudio

Week #13/14 - Andrea and Ivete from Gotham Quilts
Location: New York, NY
Instagram: @gothamquilts 
Twitter: @gothamquilts

Week #12 - Cindy from Live a Colorful Life
Location: Fresno, CA
Instagram: @liveacolorfullife
Twitter: @livecolorful
Week #11 - Michelle Bartholomew
Location: Leavenworth, WA
Instagram: @michellebartholomew
Twitter: @MichelleBartho
Week #10 - Kealy
Location: Portsmouth, VA
Instagram: @KealyKat

Week #9 - Meg aka Hanabi Quilts
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Instagram: @HanabiQuilts

Week #8 - Austin Parker
Location: Utah
Instagram: @manwhoquilts
Week #7 - Silvia Sutters
Location: Illinois (and QuiltCon)
Instagram: @astrangerview
Twitter: @silviasutters
Week #6 - Shannon
Location: Montreal, Canada
Instagram: @sf.designs
Twitter: @_sfdesigns
Week #5 - Emily Lightyear
Location: California
Instagram: @wereradletshug
Twitter: @wereradletshug

Week #4 - Jackie Marks
Location: East Grand Forks, Minnesota
Instagram: @heartsonmyfoot
Twitter: @EyeHeartJustin

Week #3 - Kelly Kay 
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Instagram: @kkspur
Twitter: @Kelly_Kay
Week #2 - Debra from Made of Honor Quilts
Location: Clermont, Florida
Instagram: @Madeofhonorquilts

Week #1 - Chris Webb 

Location: London
Twitter: @ChrisWhoMakes
Instagram: @ChrisMakesThings

52 Quilters from 2015

Week #52 - Polly
Location: Royal City
Instagram: @piecesbypolly

Week #51 - Bruce
Location: San Francisco
Instagram: @condimentarian
Week #50 - Carole
Location: Sarasota Florida
Instagram: @carole_lylesshaw
Week #49 - Monica
Location: Canberra
Instagram: @monicaravenart
Twitter: @monnsqueak

Week #48 - Sharon
Location: Bendigo, Australia
Instagram: @lilabellelane
Week #47 - Chantal
Location: Yokosuka, Japan
Instagram: @sewradandrosie/

Week #46 - Just Sew Sue
Location: Jersey
Instagram: @justsewsue

Week #45 - Kathryn Upitis
Location: Canada
Instagram: @kupitis 

Week #44: Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Instagram: @blossomheartquilts
Twitter: @BlossomHeartQ
Week #43 - Tanja
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Instagram: @flyingmargarete 

Week #42 - Trinia
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Instagram: @penguinfeats

Week #41- Elizabeth
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Instagram: @andpins

Week #40 - Nina aka BossyOz
Location: London, England
Instagram: @bossyoz

Week #39 - Juliet aka TartanKiwi
Location: Christchurch City, New Zealand
Instagram: @tartankiwi

Week #38 - Jaclyn Bartlett
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Twitter: @jaclynbartlett
Instagram: @Jaclynb

Week #37 - Cindy Piotrowski
Location: New Berlin, Wisconsin
Twitter: @SewingMoxie
Instagram: @SewingMoxie 

Week #36 - Gemma Jackson
Location: Canberra, Australia
Twitter: @prettybobbins
Instagram: @prettybobbins
Week #35 - Amber Rohrer
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Twitter: @amberohrer
Instagram: @monpetitebiscuit & @roarhaus 

Quilter #33 & #34 Sarah Goer & G
Location: San Jose, California
Twitter: @sarahgoer
Instagram: @sarahmgoer
Week #32 - Jenn
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Instagram: @mommysew 
Twitter: @knitnlit

Week #31 - Amanda Campbell
Location: Bath, Maine
Instagram: @marinerscompass
Weeek #30 - Lisa Peterson
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Instagram: @Sew_l1sa

Week #29 - Tarra MacCannell
Location: Saskatoon, Canada
Instagram: @graybie
Twitter: @graybie

Week #28 - Raeann
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Instagram: @jrshules 
Twitter: @jrshules

Week #27 - Camille Ainsworth
Location: Albany, Oregon
Instagram: @opalcreekstudio

Week #26 - Jo from Riddle and Whimsy
Location: Perth, Australia
Instagram: @Riddlingwhimsy

Week #25 - Angie Wilson
Location: Canberra, Australia
Instagram: @gnomeangel
Twitter: @gnomeangel 
Week #24 - Denise von Minden
Location: Colorado, USA
Instagram: @denisevonminden

Week #23 - Carrie Hanson
Location: San Diego, Calfornia
Instagram: @gotchacoveredquilting
Twitter: @GCquilting

Week #22 - Elizabeth Knestrick
Location: Indianapolis
Instagram: @lizzymakes
Week #21 - Jane Hauprich
Location: Centerville, Maryland
Instagram: @JaneStitchbyStitch
Week #20 - Lucy Brennan
Location: Manchester, UK
Instagram: @charmaboutyou
Twitter: @charmaboutyou

Week #19 - Barbara Robson
Location: Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Instagram: @foxpointquiter
Twitter: @foxpointquilter

Week #18 - Tennye Giotis
Location: Texas
Instagram: @Tennye
Week #17 - Angelina McKenna
Location: California
Instagram: @weenchaweena

Week #16 - Irene from Sugaridoo
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Instagram: @Sugaridoo
Twitter: @Sugaridoo 

Week #15 - Emily from Elephant Grace
Location: Arkansas, USA (travelling to Ecuador)
Instagram: @elephantgrace
Twitter: @elefantgrace

Week #14 - Kerry from PennyDog Patchwork
Location: Leicestershire, UK
Instagram: @PennyDog
Twitter: @PennyDog

Week #13 - Kate Basti
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Instagram: @KateBasti

Week #12 - Jessie Hughes
Location: Bountiful, Utah
Instagram: @Quiltsbyjessie
Week #11 - Pippa Parsons
Location: Mouhet, France
Twitter: @me0wp00
Instagram: @pippaspatch

Week #10 - Jeff Rutherford
Location: Conway, Massachusetts
Twitter: @JeffRutherford
Instagram: @JeffRutherford

Week #9 - Laura Stepien
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Twitter: @_LT_smash 
Instagram: @_lt_smash

Week #8 - Alissa Lapinsky 
Location: DeLand, Florida
Twitter: @alissamarie623
Instagram: @alissalapinsky

Week #7 - Rene from Rene Creates
Location: Orlando, Florida
Twitter: @renecreates
Instagram: @renecreates

Week #6 - Joanna Kent
Location: Hertforshire, UK
Twitter: @joannakent
Instagram: @joanna_kent
Week #5 - Kirsten Smith from Lovespun Studios
Location: Lafayette, Indiana
Twitter: @kirstencsmith 
Instagram: @lovespunstudio
Week #4 - Nicholas Ball - Quilts from the Attic 
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Instagram: @quiltsfromtheattic

Week #3 - Rachel Bracken
Location: Murfreesboro, TN
Instagram: @rbrackenfl 

Week #2 - Sari from twenty eight fourteen
Location: Aitus, Oklahoma
Week #1 - Chris Webb 
Location: London
Twitter: @ChrisWhoMakes
Instagram: @ChrisMakesThings

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