Monday, November 27, 2017

Quilter #50 - Lovingly, Lissa

Hello, Everyone out there in Quilt World!

I'm Lissa from Lovingly, Lissa.  I am an emerging pattern designer with my first publication happening this January in Make Modern Magazine.  I am also a wife and mother to three, all of whom are wonderful supporters and help as I enter the quilting world.

This week I'm going to share my favorite quilt with you. The Emoji Quilt.  I'll be doing a tutorial on instagram under @52quilters and at the end will have the tutorial on my blog,


Every year the school district has a silent children's art auction.  Each classroom creates an art piece that is auctioned off.  I volunteered to help create my son's 5th grade class piece and thought a quilt would be fun.  The students could design the blocks and then help sew them together.

I offered them a few design choices and they unanimously voted for emoji.  I gave them each a template and ask they draw and color any emoji they want.  Immediately a hand shot up, I looked at the child and before he even opened his mouth said "No poop emoji" he sighed and lowered his hand.  LOL!

The kids were great.  They were surprisingly very excited about creating this quilt.  After I  had appliqued each block I brought them in to show.  The class applauded and cheered as I held each one up.  I told them I would be back to have them each sew a seam or two to put the blocks together.

Sadly, the day I was to start sewing with them I received a phone call that my son had fallen in gym.  I brought him to the urgent care to find out he had a nasty concussion.  He was home for two weeks.  I apologized to the class that since we were on a time schedule I would have to sew the quilt myself.  They were more concerned about my son (especially some of the girls).

The quilt was finished and put up for auction.  I tried to start a bidding war to get the price up and then realized, I wanted the quilt back.  I won the bidding war and the quilt came home with me and now resides on my son's bed.  He was thrilled to have it and made sure to rub it in to some of his classmates who were sure their parents would win it.  ;)

This quilt has to be the most fun quilt I have ever made.  Each child designed three emoji and I picked one for the quilt.  Transforming their drawings to a quilt block brought me so much joy.  Their excitement over the quilt was quite contagious.  And the smile on my son's face when I walked in the door with it was priceless.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial for a 14" pillow to make with a young one you know.  At the end of my week I will post the measurements I used on the quilt.  You can see pictures of the quilt in progress on Instagram with #emojiquilt

You can also follow me on Instagram, @lovinglylissa and my blog,  If any questions about the tutorial come up, feel free to email me, 


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