Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sew Very Sketchy Pumpkins Part 2

In this lesson, I will show you how I use Derwent Intense blocks and pencils to add color to my thread sketched Sew Very Sketchy Pumpkins.  Just a reminder you will need to download the pattern for free by October 1, 2017.  Use this link for the pattern.

In my last post I covered how to thread sketch the pumpkin using a free-motion technique on your sewing machine.  So today we will add some color and finish it up.

1. Iron some freezer paper to the back side of the thread sketched piece.  Put the shiny side against the wrong side of the piece and fuse it to the back with a hot, dry iron. This helps to stabilize the fabric as you add color.

2. Next I use the Derwent Intense blocks to "color" in the stitched lines. I start by using a yellow to add the highlights.

3.  Then I use a light orange to blend the yellow into the medium orange.

4. Then I shaded the bottom and the black, segment lines with a dark orange.  On the back pumpkin, I did less of the yellow and more of the oranges and even a brown for the shading.  This created a darker pumpkin behind the lighter one.

5.  Then I used a light green and dark green to shade the stems and leaves.

6.  I also use a pencil to add color to the vines.

7. Next I used clear aloe vera gel to blend the ink without getting it so wet that it runs into the background.  I am using a flat, stiff brush designed for fabric painting.

8. I used a small round brush to blend the aloe vera on the vines
9.  I let the piece air dry, then I heat set the piece using a dry iron and a paper towel to protect the iron. Once it is heat set the ink should be permanent.

10.  You can add the borders (fabric requirements are in the first post) and then layer it for quilting.  On my sample I just free-motion quilted echoes around the thread sketching so it would not detract from the piece.  I also used a "fall cheater" fabric to give the appearance of a pieced border.  Once the quilting is done, I add the binding and it is ready to hang.

If you are a member of the Linda B Creative Facebook Group you can watch a Live video where I demonstrate another method to add color to a thread sketched piece.  In the group we will also be creating a table runner so feel free to join in! 

Enjoy playing with this mixed media project!

Linda Bratten

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  1. Your creativity has no limits! I found some DIYs at PickWriters blogs but you're the one that fascinate me the most! Such an inspiration.