Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 23 (Mindy Reeves): Tuesday!

Many years ago when I was about 10, my mom tried to teach me how to sew. It went horribly wrong and it was about 21 years before I ever touched a sewing machine again! Many people have asked me why I started quilting. Well, a few years ago, my then-6 year old daughter looked at me and said "Mommy, I've made 3 quilts, are you ever going to make ONE?" So both of my girls were actually "quilters" before I was! (Though they're both on a break since its not cool anymore lol.) Here are a few pictures of their work. The first picture is them with their second quilts hanging in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in 2012. The others are close ups of their quilts, which they pieces and quilted on the Avante long arm!


If you've never done a Judy Niemeyer quilt, you've probably never used registration points. They're an awesome way to mark where two pieces should line up when there isn't defined points in the blocks themselves (like corners or other seams). You baste about an inch into the block and then line them up during assembly. But then you have to tear them all out afterwards! Lol So guess what I'm working on while I wait to pick the youngest daughter up from school? :D


Sorry for another post so soon! Lol when I'm tearing out seams or registration points, I like to use thread snips instead of seam rippers. I can never get a seam ripper to work right! Lol These Famore' snips are my absolute favorite with the little hook on one side of the snips! They are made here in the US (in Georgia I believe). I got this pair when I went to Quilt Market in Houston last October/November and I love them!


Confession time! When I'm paper piecing at home, I throw the papers and scraps into a pile on the floor then go back and clean it all up later! Lol it just doesn't seem to land in the garbage can so I just give up! Lol


(Picture 1 of 4) After seeing my mom's studio on Monday, my little 10x10 room is very tiny but I wanted to share it anyway! Lol this is my door and cutting area which is currently loaded with projects getting ready for classes at Quilter's Affair in Sisters, Oregon in a few weeks! 

(Picture 2 of 4) this side of the room is my actual sewing area with a great view of my neighbors lol. At least the pretty tree covers it! My table and chair are both from IKEA and they're perfect for sewing! (They're the same tables and chairs my mom uses in Grandma's Barn.)

(Picture 3 of 4) This is my wall of fabric and projects! Look familiar? Yes, they're the same IKEA shelves in Grandma's Barn too! Lol. I try to keep is somewhat organized where I can see all the fun fabric I have available to work with. I keep all of my Tula Pink fabrics together (they stretch across two shelves though!) and all of my Judy Niemeyer patterns take up the majority of another shelf! Lol

(Picture 4 of 4) and finally the last wall - my iron area! The bins on the shelf are all overflowing with fabric and some little kits that I need to use! The shelf is from... you guessed it! IKEA! (Can you tell that I love IKEA?!?) 

Thank you and Have a great day!

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