Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week 15 - Introducing Lisa & Emily!

Hey all, Emily & Lisa here!
As you know from Instagram the past few days, we are your cohosts taking over this week for some fun! Since there are two of us, we decided to do our blog post a little differently and did it by video! We had fun chatting about our childhood, our journey leading us to quilting, and our special project we are sewing together this week! Grab a snack and some Dr. Pepper and get ready to hear more about us!
So what do you think?
Anything that really stuck out to you?  We'd love to hear some comments below!
Of course, as promised, here are the photos of our dads. The yellow and blue tradition totally still happens!
And for kicks (and because it is our week hosting!) here we are, then vs. now!
To recap: We love quilting, Dr. Pepper & girly movies.
We also apparently love to give shout outs to people!
Our dads are twin brothers, which makes us even cooler cousins.
Both of our moms were involved in our journey towards sewing.
We are cat people, as you see from our posts and our video photobomber.
Lisa’s dad Philip wrote a book about a Wiener Dog Man, while Emily’s dad Roger made a weiner dog puppet and performs often at the local Cowboy Poetry children’s show.
So because of the randomness of the wiener dog appreciation, this week we are making the Dogs in Sweaters quilt by Elizabeth Hartman for our dads as a gift for their birthday this year.

 Last, but surely not least, be sure to follow us at @wereradletshug & @sew_l1sa to see how our quilts finish up after our week is up, and to catch up on the big reveal in June! Of course, we love to have new quilty friendships as well in the Instagram community.
We'll be physically together through half of Saturday and will be on 52quilters until Sunday is over so stay tuned for some finished Dogs in Sweaters quilt tops as well as more goodness throughout the remainder of our week.
Talk to y’all soon!
-Lisa & Emily


  1. Fun to learn more about you! But double check your IG handles above (for you Lisa - I think the one listed is going to someone that is NOT you!).

  2. Thanks Diana you're right! It's sew_l1sa I'll fix that right quick!