Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 9 ― Design inspiration in Tokyo

Where do you find visual inspiration?

I love looking for shapes, colors and design details while walking in the city.

Japan definitely has a way with design, including iconic motifs like geometric waves, Tokyo Metro's simplified ginkgo leaf and the six-diamond asanoha pattern.

But every city, possibly every city block, in the world has something interesting to find in terms of color, shape and design. Sometimes it takes slowing down to see it.

Here are a few scenes and shapes that caught my eye this weekend while walking in Tokyo.

Meg lives in Yokohama, Japan. She shares her work on Instagram @hanabiquilts.

Post by Meg Week #9: 

Meg has been sewing her entire life and learned how to quilt from blogs around 2000. She’s a journalist and an American living in Yokohama, Japan. She shares her work at instagram.com/hanabiquilts.