Monday, June 15, 2015

Give Yourself Some You Time

It's easy to look at quilters and ask how do you get all that done. Even I do it as I scroll through Instagram and see quilters that crank out way more than I ever do in a day. The reality of it is that they probably don't. Social media comes with a filter and it's really easy to forget that we don't always see the hard parts. It's why I like hashtags like #honestcraftroom or following jankyquiltco. You get to see the nitty-gritty of people's spaces or the hard parts of quilting.

There always has to be something you give up when you sit down to sew. The laundry piles up, breakfast dishes stay in the sink way too long, and your kids are playing on screens, you haven't showered and are still in yoga pants. Every choice you make takes time away from something else. It's easy to feel guilty about it. Here's the truth--all of the small things will still be there later.

I truly believe that when you give yourself permission to do the things you love--even over the chores--you are a happier person in the long run and you'll have more to give to your family and partner. There just has to be some give and take in the choices you make.

I joke around that I have a surefire formula for quilting balance. Let's call it the 10/5/5 for now. Devote 10 minutes to the project you're working on. Really focus for those ten minutes and try not to get too distracted. Then spend 5 minutes tending to kids, doing a chore, whatever. This should be something that gets you moving a little bit too. The blood will flow to your brain and make it easier to focus when you get back your project. After your task, do 5 minutes or less of scrolling through Instagram or sending texts.

There is flexibility to this formula. The ten minutes can stretch to 30 minutes and if I'm really lucky, an hour. This tends to be true as I'm working through a tough pattern, tricky block, or doing a fabric pull. I'll look up to the clock and realize that an hour has gone by. This is rare unless the kids are at school, summer camp, or on a playdate.

Tending to kids could take way longer than 5 minutes. I like to move my machine to the kitchen table. For some reason I am way less appealing to my kids if I'm in the mix rather than "hidden" away in my craft room. It buys me some more time too if I'm close to where I can get snacks, juice boxes, lunch or whatever. Maybe it's time to teach them to make their own food!

In reality, the time spent looking at my phone should be way less, but I'm working on that.

Here's what it all means. Put yourself first. I don't mean all the time, everyday, but don't be afraid to up the amount of time you give yourself to quilt. Try my formula to see if it buys you a little more time. Later this week I'll share more about how I get my kids involved in the sewing room.

Post by Denise von Minden - Week #24: 
Denise von Minden is a school librarian by day, mama of three (including twins), and quilter/crafter in the in-between moments. Balance is the name of the game! Follow her on Instagram @denisevonminden) to see more.

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