Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 2 - Wrapping Up with Sari (@sariditty)

Y'all.  Seriously.
You have each impacted my week in so many ways, and for that I am beyond thankful.  I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into by agreeing to submit as a 52 Quilter, but to go "first" after its creator.....I won't lie...I was shaking in my moccasins last week about this time!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your feedback, comments, high fives, and mutual clinking of wine glasses!

This week was a whirlwind for me.  Like I mentioned in a couple IG comments, my husband is already gone to the east coast for his new job, and I've been "stranded" here with not much to do other than dive head first into my work.  It worked out well, I think, and I was able to get a lot done and show you along the way.  Looking back through my photos I shared, it's definitely evident I like happy, cheerful color in almost everything I make.  Crazy enough, my house is pretty neutral: white, beige, a hint of overcast aqua.

So here we go with a quick wrap up...

Graffiti Quilting
I was given the opportunity to graffiti quilt this amazing chevron quilt by my friend, Val (@valroberts91).  In case you couldn't already tell...I love graffiti quilting!  Definitely stay in touch with my IG feed for a super fun graffiti/Kona-based swap in the next few months!  Ms. Karlee Porter and I are collaborating up something exciting!
Pieced & Owned by Valerie Roberts
Minky Backing...oooo la la! 

If anyone is interested in having your quilt graffiti'd by me, please don't hesitate to reach me for a quote.  And if you mention "52 Quilters" in your quote estimate, you'll get 10% off!  Woot woot!! As mentioned previously, a personal web site is up and coming so stick to email for now:

Final Project This Week:
Another Dave Ramsey Cash Wallet System!  My girlfriend saw the first one I made and asked for hers to be done in chevrons.  Umm...OK!  Twist my arm, eh?!  I love this one with the zippers and all the bright colors!  *If you make this design, I definitely recommend flip-flopping zipper directions to minimize bulk.

Favorite Tools:

I have so freaking many favorite things, that this was actually difficult to grab a small handful of items.

1. Auriful Thread - I just love it for piecing! Love it!!
2. Kona Cotton - Need I really explain this again?
3. Fiskars Hexagon Punch - It just makes my life soooo much simpler when my EPP bone starts to itch.  Cardstock + Punch = Genius!
4. Notebook & Sharpie Pens - I'm always randomly thinking of designs or ideas, so I keep these with me everywhere I go to jot down stuff.
5. Wonder Clips - They have saved me a lot of blood loss over the last few months!  ;o)
6. Chopsticks - Not for takeout at midnight, but they are SUPER for poking corners safely!
7. Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter - ok, ok,'s just pretty.  So sue me!  But it does cut like a dream, and I really like it.
8. Washi Tape - I love how useful it is for a) hanging minis on the wall to photograph; b) marking straight lines on fabric to guide where to stitch; c) decorating clothes pins for cute office decor; d) sticking to sewing machine to follow as an edge-of-fabric guide.  The list goes on!
***I simply linked to a few ambiguous sites for those few who have no clue what the item is.  I always, always support shopping small and local if at all possible***

The FurKids:
  As you can see, Ike and Sam were highly amused at my work this week.  And I'm also using up these 10 seconds of your time to show off my smushy-faced (ugly-to-most) loves of my life.  Moving on...

Pattern & Design by Mathoholic Me - @sariditty
Name TBD
My Pattern & a Giveaway:

Screw the pattern...did she say giveaway?!  What?!

Yep, you read right!  I based this design loosely on my "Kona Summer Jewels" quilt and made up three minis this week.  One is a 24" going to my Rainbow Mini Swap partner.  (Go, Team Purple!!)  And the other two are 18" - one for YOU and one for me!  I've decided to hold a giveaway for this beauty pictured in the next couple weeks or so.  You'll want to be following me (@sariditty) on Instagram to know when it is!  You'll also have to weigh you want it graffiti quilted or classicly quilted?

By the way...since no one else is here to pat me on the back, I'll do it myself... Did you see those points?!  Winner!  ;o)

Final Thoughts:

As I said, you each have made a lovely impact on my week, and I am so very thankful for that.  I'm looking forward to the next 50 contributing quilters and getting glimpses into their lives and work as well.
This year has a LOT in store for me, so be on the lookout for some excitement coming from my way. Hubby is observing the house inspection this week on our potential buy.  Did I mention it's a bank owned property that's been vacant for nearly a year?  Yeah.....that'll be a lot of home reno and DIY!!!! (And a little scared.)
I have two patterns debuting this year: the mini pictured above (as well as a quilt size version) AND the most amazing bag ever in the history of mankind!  Ok, maybe not that fabulous, but it is pretty darn spiffy, and I have a feeling you'll really like it!
Now on to the next quilter to keep the torch burning bright!  And also time for me to pour a glass of wine and get ready for Downton Abbey!

Me & the Hubs with Lincoln, Eisenhower & Sam
From me and my family, thanks for tagging along this week!  Keep in touch with me too!
IG - @sariditty
email -
FB - 

xoxo... Sari
Post by Sari - Week #2:  Sari is a quilter based in Altus Oklahoma (but soon to be on the move!). She runs a studio called Twenty Eight Fourteen from which she shares her unique style and wonderful love for color! Follow Sari on instagram @sariditty or visit her at


  1. I have been following your IG feed for a couple of months now and have thoroughly enjoyed your week with 52quilters. It's so nice to read about your background. Love your work and
    best of luck with your new business.

    1. Thank you, Margareth! It seems like my week was ages ago and not just over a week ago! I'm so happy to have you along for the ride! :)

  2. Loved reading your blog. And love flowing in your IG feed.
    Can't wait to win that mini quilt. :-) and for sure I'd have it graffito quilted!!

    1. Graffiti seems to have won the vote! Thanks for following 52Q and me on IG! :*

  3. Wow. May the energy of this week propel you further forward!

    1. Thank you so much! I'd love to find you on IG too! Do you have a feed?